An Adventure in AP Research

Alliteration tends to be one of the things that I like the most about things that are going to be shown to others. Welcome! My name is Robert Michael v.B. ,but I’d rather you call me any variation of Michael than Robert. My research project, holding alliteration into account my love for alliteration is called “Virtual Reality and Varsity Jackets.” What does that mean? Good question! It means that over the next couple months, I’m going to be testing whether there is a link between the amount of time that people spend on (video games and sports), and the way they view the classical binary genders. Why the parentheses? The parentheses indicate a major clarification about my topic: I will not be relating video game use and sports with each other, but rather they are grouped and are correlated in tandem with gender characteristics. Why all the rhetorical questions? – because they cause intrigue, and lead you, the readers in the right direction. I hope you have fun reading these post from me in the future, and that I can get some good feedback!

-Michael v.B.


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