Christina’s First Post

Hello, my name is Christina H. I am looking to study the correlation / connection that may exist between low-income housing and the impacts on academic aspirations of students living in that household. I will specifically be analyzing the data from Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s (HFHT) homeowners since HFHT has a unique mission for families to receive their homes. There is a no interest loan in addition to the great dependence on volunteerism, this is unique compared to other methods to obtain affordable housing. This research will be conducted in Tucson for both convenience and the distinctive environment that is able to demonstrate economic growth. Economic growth fits into the situation of low-income housing by having interlocking factors of income inequality and academic progression. My method revolves around the use of surveys, ones already conducted by HFHT as well as my own that I will ask the students of HFHT homeowners directly. Surveys will mainly be qualitative since access to grades or other concrete measurements of academic progression will most likely not be accessible. My hopes are that I will be able to find a direct cause for any impacts on education and academics of students’ in HFHT households. This would help out Tucson to recognize the importance of affordable housing as well as how to improve the academic system for low-income families as a whole.


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