First Day of Internship


So, my first day of internship started today and it was very enlightening. I usually go to court as a teen attorney, and because of this, I never really thought too deeply about what went on outside of the part that I was involved in. I never meant to be inconsiderate or not thankful, I always was, always am, and always will be! But, I just never gave it too much thought because everything flowed smoothly and I was busy doing my part well. However, Kate (the manager of Teen Court) let me be a part of all the other parts of the process today. I first went to the front desk. There are so many things to give the defendant and their guardian when they first step out of those elevator doors. We talked to them about the police report, peer justice panel, resources, give them a juvenile law quiz, etc. So much stuff! They would definitely be overwhelmed but Joy, the jury monitor, told me that they shouldn’t feel comfortable anyways since they are here for court still and to carry out their consequences. (I totally forgot to ask Rafael about wellness so I will have to ask him about that the next time I see him.) Fast forwarding, I was with Joy and together we were monitoring the jury during their deliberation for a case. Since I was a part of the jury before, it wasn’t very surprising. However, I had a more eye-opening experience when talking with Joy. She really opened my eyes when talking about teens and parents that go through this diversion program and come out thankful and blessed that they did experience it. From there, I met Sharon, an exit interviewer, and observed her doing her thing with the defendant and her father. She was not only professional but she was also very open and comfortable to be with. She truly had a gift. She was able to penetrate the hard-shelled mind of a teenager so easily to teach the defendant to treat her parents with respect. Overall, all these other parts outside of the actual court part also take part in the practice of restorative justice. The practice doesn’t come from the program itself but also the people. No one here treats defendants or parents with disrespect or inhumanely in any way. We work to serve. We work to help. This is what I learned today.


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