Illness, Ineffectiveness, and A Reality Check

Hi everyone!

Right now I’m a little behind schedule, and have adjusted my goals to be more realistic. I looked at my calendar, and had planned to survey (get this) four THOUSAND students! First of all, while that would be amazing, it would be practically impossible! Secondly, for a population of 2 million people (the approximate population of Tucson and Phoenix combined) I would only need around 800 survey takers to get within 5% confidence of my results! Therefore, I have changed my goal to be around 400 people surveyed in the Tucson and Phoenix area.

I have found that my problems with time management have since compounded because of my *ahem* lack of structure to say the least, and am working to make it back on time with my updated schedule. The last thing I want to be is late for any big deadlines.

Therefore, I will hopefully be conducting surveys within the next week, and get pretty far with it!

Until Next Time!

Michael van Bree


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