My First Workshop Observation

So I recently went to my first workshop observation. It was the Self-Improvement Workshop, which helps teens with goal setting. Some of the defendants that come in through Teen Court don’t have goals for the future whether it be graduating high-school or having a dream job. For me, it was never a question. I was going to graduate highschool, go to college, get a job, etc. I never questioned any of those steps, whereas some of my peers never questioned having a goal in the first place. One of the kids there said he was a “free spirit. A fish in the sea.” He just goes with the flow and believed that if he graduated highschool or did anything with his life, it was all because he was meant to do it. Strong external locus of control, if you ask me. It’s obviously a lot harder to find a goal and develop it, than already having a goal in the first place and just working to make it happen. The particular group that I saw was very distracted, and I think it’s exactly for that reason. They never really started thinking about goals in the past and they really had nor have no incentive to seriously start thinking about it. I guess they would need like a hard-hit realization? I’m not saying that this workshop is pointless. It’s actually the opposite! The workshop outlined what exactly a goal was, what it meant to set a goal, how to do it, along with tips and tricks for employment applications and job interviews. I think the only downside to this workshop is the length. Maybe it was simply because I already know the information and/or it doesn’t really apply to me but I started to get really tired. I can only imagine what the other people thought as well. Besides that, I liked the workshop, and Christie (the person who lead the workshop) did really well. She was engaging, easy to understand, and just outstanding at what she does. I think she really has a knack for working with youth.


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