The Beginning

If this is the beginning of my story, it starts with…

Halla! I’m Hailyn, a senior at BTN, and am currently taking AP Research for this school year. The topic of my research project is the fashion of youth in South Korea, in which I want to explore the idea of a fashion aesthetic, and its relationship to people. In terms of my project, “fashion aesthetic” refers to the collective fashion styles and outfits that a specific group of people follow/wear. I want to observe and justify the assumption that there is a fashion aesthetic for the South Korean youth and thus have traveled around 6,386 miles from Tucson, AZ, to South Korea. Surveying the “youth” (which is really just anyone from a teenager to college student) in the fashion districts of Seoul- Dongdaemun, Itaewon, Hongdae, etc.- I hope to answer the question of whether this aesthetic exists according to the people who belong to it, and if so, why it exists, and how is it maintained. I also plan on attempting to contact people affiliated to this aesthetic, particularly popular South Korean fashion instagrammers, and will do my best to get in contact with other various individuals who are connected to fashion, in general.

Wish me luck, y’all. I think I’ll be needing it.

Thanks for reading!



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