First Week at my internship

This week has been about organizing the data that Habitat Tucson has collected through their previous surveys. I plan on organizing the results to fit into these specific categories, starting with

  • The general improvement of the housing quality, here we are speaking about the direct structure of the house, did it impede the students’ physical health in any way by being dirty or cramped..etc
  • “well-being mediators” such as the progression physical and mental health since receiving a Habitat home
  • The two points above should (this is my hope as I go through my research) have a direct causation towards their academic performance. The categories specifically targeting academia would be the dropout count and behavioral problems (these statements are explicitly included in the free response section that the homeowners filled out in the survey)

At my internship, I worked with Marketing and Community outreach to see which organizations have connections with Habitat. The University of Arizona and Pima Community College are close to Habitat Tucson so my plans for the upcoming weeks would be to analyze if their relationships have any significance / effect on what I am researching.

As for my outline, I have found that a key component my research keeps coming back to would be social networking. Hopefully this is what connections low-income housing and education. This is something I will be keeping in mind as I continue my research.




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