Tiffany’s 1st Update

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are doing alright since this is our first week off of school.

I am currently behind schedule. I realized that my method was not as accurate as I needed it to be and that I interpreted my method incorrectly. So, I am currently working on searching more on the turn-taking method (the method that I chose for my research project) and defining all of the loose ends together. I also worked on making the end of my lit review more tailored towards my method. I have been reading sources on my specific method, and how I can tie gender into it. For example, the basic types of traits that females and males exhibit during discourse.

By next week, I hope to have a more detailed method and some sections of my literature review fully written out. No promises, though. I’m currently in the midst of moving my whole life to Colorado and the big move is next week. But I expect to have parts of my literature review written out by next week.

Also, the trailer for the second season for Stranger Things was showcased during the SuperBowl last week! As much as I was anticipating the second season’s release over the summer, I’m pumped for Halloween (it’ll be released in October). So, what does this mean for everyone? There’s more than half a year for you all to start watching the first season!

Have a nice Valentine’s Day!




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