Week 1: Models, Vlogs, and Editing! Oh my!

Hello again, my faithful readers!

This first week of no school has been pretty productive (HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT ON MY END). Not only have I mastered iMovie and the world of editing, I have been able to finish my model and upload three vlogs (the fourth one will hopefully be up later today)! I have decided to upload a video every 2-3 days. I have also decided to adjust my methods. Let me explain:

Instead of just having one channel that has the model applied to it in hopes that it will garner 100+ views, I realized that I should also have a control group. To do this, I made another channel. For both YouTube channels, I will upload the same vlog so the content will remain the same in both channels, but how I edit the vlogs will be different. The control videos will not have any special effects, music, or other things listed in my model; the videos will only be stitched together loosely and then uploaded. By having two channels to compare, I am hoping that this will make my model more reliable and make it easier to recognize the difference between a channel that doesn’t use the model versus one that does. So far,  the channel with the model is doing better.

This upcoming week, I plan to start writing my literature review, methods, and introduction. Let’s hope week 2 will be as productive if not more than week 1.




One thought on “Week 1: Models, Vlogs, and Editing! Oh my!

  1. Excellent foresight in creating the separate channel to serve as a control group! However, are you taking into consideration the possible impacts the different creation and upload dates for the channels may have on their success?

    Also, the vlogging content is quite enjoyable! Keep it up!


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