Week 1: How (Not) To Draft A Survey

I was a bit more productive that I thought I would be.

During this first week, I came to many realizations. First is that I actually wasn’t sure of what specifically I was going to research. I know my topic (obviously), but the question is how specific questions in my survey could explore it. This requires reading. A lot. In that process, I’ve uncovered something called the Communication-Human Information Processing (C-HIP) model that theorizes interaction, comprehension, and resulting behavior concerning warnings. This much more cleanly reflects my own thoughts on the scope of the user side of the user-smartphone interface, which I originally categorized as belief and perceptions, practices, and selection criteria of apps. Yay me.

Contemplating my expected survey image, I’ve noticed that a regular sheet of paper has far too little space on it to fit everything I imagined. I had originally planned on asking surveyees specific security requirement questions about warning toggles, for example, but that can be turned into another research paper all together. Instead, I’ll be much more explicit. Surveys are inherently flawed after all. There’s only so much I can do. Though it may have been culled, I can add this into my “Next Steps” section of my conclusion for word count.

Somehow, I also managed to formulate a rough draft of my survey already. All that’s needed now is to polish it and print out a ton of copies.

Plans For This Week:

  1. Finalize the survey.
  2. Get it approved by Dr. Rosinbum.
  3. (possibly) Begin distributing by the end of the week.
  4. If time allows, begin drafting parts of the paper itself.

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