Week 1: Music Shows, API, Internship

Week 1: Music Shows, API, Internship

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Hello! This week was extremely refreshing, as I experienced my first official week out of school.  The work I performed also proved to be quite productive for my research project.

Following along my proposed schedule, I managed to finalize my research method of choice, and I (hopefully) won’t have to change that anytime soon. I decided to remove the segment where I qualitatively organized the songs based on musical genre, as the number of hybrid songs incorporating multiple styles would introduce too much subjective error into the selection process.

Beyond my method, I also began compiling various measures of success for the different songs. I currently have recorded the number of music show wins from 5 different shows (Inkigayo, Music Bank, M Countdown, Show Champion, and The Show) over a 3 year period (2014-2016) and the number of music video views for approximately 200 songs. I have also calculated API analysis values for around 130 of those songs. Here is a list containing all of the values that the API returns.

Example Query from the Spotify Web API
Starting to compile the API data

The next steps I have to take in this direction involve gathering the digital download and physical album sales data for these songs, as well as finishing up the API analysis for all of them.

I also started my first day at my internship at a local software company. I’ve been given a project to work on with Python and SQL, which will let me manipulate databases. Hopefully, I can incorporate what I learn with SQL into my research project in manipulating the success and API data that I collect.

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