Changing My Method?!??!

It’s been quite a while and though I have been updating on my internship, this would be my first update on my actual research project. I bring news. It could be good. It could be bad. To be honest, I have been reading about how to properly perform a meta-analysis and OH MY HOLY BEJEEZUS I feel like I am not getting anywhere! I also feel super alone in this process so like what should I do? CHANGE MY METHOD. Yessssssss. Maybe? When I first started out I had 3 processes: meta-analysis, factor analysis, and new variable input. As time went on I took out factor analysis to make my method simpler. But now I’m consider scrapping the meta-analysis part and bringing back the factor analysis. This project is basically free reign anyway so why not, right? Right. So while I am contemplating about my method, I should probably also start on my actually start on my academic paper since I can at least do the lit review and intro.. but being a senior has taken a toll on my life. So… I mean… I am definitely somewhere but probably not where I’m supposed to be… That’s all folks. ‘Til next time. buh-bye.

authentic Susan Hong signing out.


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