Did You Pay For That?


Picture Source cuz Rosinbum taught me right (but I’m also lazy): http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/23884/

Hey there. Part 2 of workshop observations here :). I went to the Did You Pay For That Workshop and I learned some interesting stuff. So the workshop had only 3 girls this time around (5 girls if you count the facilitator and me) and they all shared their story about what their arrest experience was like. There was one girl there that I previously saw in court (I questioned her during the trial) and she definitely told more during the workshop than what she said in court, but what made that interesting was that all of their personalities came out whenever they talked. They were genuinely curious about each other and I got to see a side of them that I would never see in court. The workshop had many parts to it including discussions about the law, a skit, listing pros and cons, and assessing what they should do in troubling situations. Most of the time the discussions were pretty simple. You know, the typical right answers. “It’s bad for the community.” “You can always find a different thrill with a different activity.” “Some people steal because they want it but they don’t have money on them at the time.” Throughout the workshop that one girl kept catching my attention. Her thoughts were so different and not necessarily the good kind either. She would say that shoplifting was the only thrill she got and that there is nothing to replace it. The anxiety she feels before she walks through the sensors and the amazing satisfaction and relief she feels when the alarm doesn’t go off, there’s nothing to replace it. I am honestly scared that she’s going to go out and shoplift again. Like, yikes… I worry for her.. I mean it’s not like Teen Court has a recidivism rate of 0% or anything (it’s actually 17%, I think) but I definitely felt anxious in her place for her future.

authentic Susan Hong signing out


2 thoughts on “Did You Pay For That?

  1. Awesome Susan! Very interesting revelations into the minds of teenagers who commit crimes. Perhaps there would be less harmful, yet still enjoyable and exhilarating experiences for the girl you talked about. Keep up the work!


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