Week 2 Update

Apologies for sending this update relatively late. I have been finding it hard to stay motivated, but I think I am currently on the cusp of defeating my sense of procrastination.

I have just finished the rough draft of my introduction and my line of reasoning seems pretty clear. I also have a wealth of difference sources, which makes me confident in my literature review. I think I am prepared to move forward, save for my method.

My method relies on a traditional qualitative analysis of different characteristics of advertising, taking the reader through important qualities of an ad (both print and media) that lead to specific messages being constructed (in my case, I am looking for those related to family togetherness, convenience, etc.).

The issue is, my method also has a not-so-well-fleshed-out quantitative component, which is nothing more than a tally chart. To me, this approach seems subjective and too “soft” to perform any meaningful statistical analysis. It is merely acting as a checklist. So my next big hurdle would be to find a way to make this side of my method more “solid” in order for it to actually contribute to my conclusion and discussion.

Otherwise I have the rest of the materials needed to write my paper… besides motivation (but it is coming).



2 thoughts on “Week 2 Update

  1. Continue the fight, Eugene! Slay the procrastination monster! You seem to have progressed extremely well, having drafted your introduction and being ready for you literature review. Are there any specific methodologies and approaches that you have considered to make your quantitative aspect more flushed-out and structured?


  2. I think I am on the cusp of slaying it! That being said, my introduction is still a trash draft, so I think I’ll spend the next two weeks first writing a trash draft of my essay and then polishing it before March 15th. What I have chosen to do is to keep the tally system that I showed you all while presenting to first establish that a certain advertisement involves a depiction of work-family conflict. Then, after this primary filter, I will go on to do a qualitative analysis, basically describing each one of the ad’s characteristics and how each aspect creates the overall message.

    Thanks for going the extra mile and putting constructive comments on our blog posts. Really appreciated!


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