Almost ready for “W-week.”


Week 1

I missed posting last week because I accidentally left my intro post in drafts (yikes) and ended up posting that instead of an update of my week. Luckily, I did not complete 100 tasks for AP Research then (or is that bad…), and so would not have had anything to keep you guys updated about anyways. But if you are dying to know what went down, I’ll give a short overview. If you don’t want to know, feel free to skip down to week 2. I arrived to Incheon, South Korea on Thursday, February 9th, but had left Tuesday, February 7th, which means that yes, I indeed will forever be missing a Wednesday February 8th, 2017 in my life. For the next 3 days I suffered from jet lag and a cold, which is why I did not contribute much to my research project. I did re-arrange my calendar however. Who knew that the last two weeks of school would be busier than the last 6 months of school????

Week 2

Now, a full week has passed for me in South Korea. I am currently living with my aunt in Kimpo, South Korea, which is an hour away from Seoul by bus. This means that next week, I will be commuting almost every day to the big city, as I actually go out to survey people. I am worried because most people do not like to be bothered and have their time taken away from them, so I need to find a way to get them to take my survey! I was going to hand out printed copies of my survey, but realized that a) Carrying that would be a hassle, b) Gives people more reason to steer away from me when they see a hand with a piece of paper extended towards them, and c) I didn’t exactly research how much it would cost to print paper at local services. So i’ve decided to survey people by asking them to take it on either my phone, or on their phones, if they are willing. Wish me luck because I’m nervous to approach strangers! In terms of other updates on my paper, I am only a day behind on my calendar, and so I am working on catching up.

Current to-do list:

  • Finish my method outline (which I have all in my head, but not on a document
  • Put up my survey on a survey site forum (Google surveys? Survey Monkey?)


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading!


P.S. “W-Week” in my title is there to replace “D-Day.” Get it? 🙂


One thought on “Almost ready for “W-week.”

  1. I can totally relate to the fear of approaching strangers to ask for a survey, especially in a language that’s a little more unfamiliar *cough* crippling social anxiety *cough.* But anyways, let us know how your data collection goes!


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