How To Distribute A Survey

Since I’m making this project as *exciting* as possible for myself, I had planned from the beginning (with my current research topic) to distribute a street survey. Since I had mostly finalized my survey by last Wednesday, on Thursday, I decided to head out into the world.

I printed out a good two hundred surveys in preparation. When heading to the university campus, I had the insight to buy a couple of clipboards. Clipboards are very important. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them. The next issue is deciding where to actually distribute the survey. After aimlessly wandering around campus, I situated myself at by the Student Union and asked those passing by if they would participate in my survey. The key thing to understand is that people walk to get to places, so a lot of the people rejecting my survey said that they had class or really wanted to get their food. I was mostly dreading rejection with this method, but once a hundred or so people say no to your face, you get used to it. For every survey taken, five or six people declined. I went through almost half of the stack that one day. I would have gone again, but the weather was pretty rainy over the weekend, so I may head back this week. I’m working on recording all of that data on a spreadsheet now.


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