New method!

Despite over 20 hours of work, I still managed to find time to work on my research and was able to progress quite a bit. Currently, my literature review has come to a point of completion where all I need to do is go over for grammar mistakes and if I am in need of words for my word count, can inflate it. Now my main focus in my method, after researching some studies that I want to structure mine after, I realized that a meta-analysis will not suit my needs. Phenomenology, on the other hand, will by providing a more qualitative base to my research and still provide a whole study.


One thought on “New method!

  1. Sweet, Jav! You finally left behind the misery that is a meta-analysis! Congratulations! Still, do you think that you’ll have enough time to plan out, set up, and perform an entirely different methodology for your research?


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