Week 2: Digital Downloads, Abstract, Literature Review

Week 2: Digital Downloads, Abstract, Literature Review

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Hey there! In contrast with my first week of newfound freedom, this week felt much more mundane and ordinary. The number of hours I spent at my internship increased, and I loved working on two new projects I was assigned, but unfortunately, I was only able complete a smaller amount of work on my project compared to the previous week.

This week, I continued with recording data for the various songs I’m analyzing. This week, I focused on recording the number of digital downloads and streams that each song enjoyed from the Gaon Digital Chart, but unfortunately, some data was not available, so that will be an issue I’ll have to address.

2016 Gaon Downloads Chart

Additionally, I began writing my paper, starting off with an abstract, an introduction, and a literature review. The abstract and introduction are essentially finished, but still require additional editing. The literature review portion is around 80% done, and I expect to finish that within the next week.

I’m also getting a fairly comprehensive understanding of which songs in the time period (2014-2016) were successful. Some of the most popular songs were:


Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang,


Rough by GFriend (여자친구),


Cheer Up by Twice (트와이스),


Call Me Baby by EXO,


and Daddy by PSY

There’s an underlying trend I can somewhat detect across these different songs, and I hope my further analysis can help to quantify these commonalities.


At my internship, I have continued working with SQL, and have been given assignments in software QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control). The rest of the available staff are friendly and helpful, and my technical knowledge has grown tremendously. I’ve been able to learn about and use new Python libraries (which are immensely useful), and begin putting the somewhat basic SQL knowledge I have to use.


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