Week 3: Climbing the Data Mountain

I have finished my rough first steps in the journey of AP Research. Having gone through the treacherous raven of my introduction and literature review, I emerged victorious only to fall into a pit fall. Surrounded by the seekers of information, I reluctantly gave up my research question. I earned their trust and became one of them. The seekers then faced their enemies, the yearners of information. Being a impartial outsider, I was called to resolve them. In the treaty, I wrote down my method. Let the participants take one survey, I said. I continued by adding a proposition that everyone’s answers would analyzed using the Moral Foundation Questionnaire’s formula. After three weeks of sending out surveys, I sent out to tackle the Data Mountain. Armed with the MFQ formula and my knowledge of my method, I sought to reach the peak, the point where I can see the promised land of conclusion. Today, I have started trekking the summit of the mountain. I will post next week from the Starbucks at the very top.


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