Month: March 2017

Wow. Extraordinary Extrovert.

I felt the need to post about this here because the growth in the work I do is relevant to my research which is relevant to my research. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Today I went to the Youth Leadership Conference held by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to talk to aspiring teenagers/high schoolers/some Pima Community College students about the Teen Court program. It was a lot of fun to try to tell people about what Teen Court does, why it’s important to our community, and test people about the juvenile law. Fun fact: If a police officer asks you for your name, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF (many failed to know that and were super shocked haha). What shocked me most was that when I talked about the program, I would start with one or two people that approached me but I would end up with a crowd of people that kind of blocked the hallway where we were set up (sorry about that). What I think drew more and more people in is true because of the words I used. I think this because people tended to join the crowd when I was quizzing people about juvenile law. I presume that when I said words such as “crime”, “marijuana”, “alcohol”, “police officer”, “shoplifting”, “assault”, and “felony”, it perked people’s ears, got their attention, and made them want to join. I was also my normally loud self so people probably had no choice but to listen anyways. But this thought relates exactly to my research!! A lot of what I analyzed in my data led me to believe that headlines covering crime were more likely to attract readers because of their use of such emotionally charging words. But you’ll hear more about that in my presentation 😉 .

Overall, I gained a lot of confidence in speaking with people. I guess, this goes under the growth that I develop in doing my internship. Though I’ve been talking to a group of jurors for 2 years with opening and closing statements, doing things like this is new to me and always gives me an exciting rush. Though initiation is hard, once you start me, ya can’t stop me!

Authentic Susan Hong signing out


20+ Pages of What?

Hey there!

Here’s another update for you! As you know from the last post, I finished my paper. Well, the rough draft and now I’m in the process of peer editing with the rest of my AP research squad. Small issue. I’m not quite sure if it’s just because my research is too simple for my liking, too simple in general, or if my peers just seem to have more complicated research projects than mine, but I really feel like I didn’t do enough. I honestly wish I had left school with a stronger project in mind and not have to go talk to Dr. Rosinbum about switching to a new project, halfway through the third trimester. I feel like switching has caused my research to look super easy and simple – more of like a mini project or part of a bigger project than making a bigger impact. I was hoping for something that would spark epiphany, not looking at stuff just to say that stuff is there ya feel? Maybe I’m just confusing or my desire to be complicated is unrelatable, but I really feel like I was missing something. I guess for simplicity sake, I just feel really basic. I mean there’s really nothing I can do about it now. My best bet is to really delve deep into my data analysis and see what’s there.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I am very very proud of my research. I’m very proud of the process that I took to get where I am. I’m very proud of the paper I wrote and the data I found and collected on my own.

As for the step that I am on for my research, I added few more pieces of data and currently editing and rewriting like there is no tomorrow. I’m sorry to my peer editors! I am editing on Microsoft Word and transferring those changes to Google Docs, so sorry if you don’t see changes on the doc.

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Week 7 Update

Hi all,

Last week I said that I was done with my rough draft… but now I have to do lots of editing (*tears). Between now and the last time, I have conferenced with Susan and Dr. Rosinbum on Tuesday, which kind of shattered my confidence in my paper. Mostly, it is because the peer-editing process revealed many problems in my paper’s overall structure. In the next few days, I hope to spend LOTS of time editing and revising my intro, making a smoother transition between the products of TV Dinners and Meal Delivery Kits and the concepts of Work-to-Family conflict and the family dinner. Nevertheless, it is all easier said than done, but hopefully, this blog will be a good way to keep me accountable. By the next update (which will be made this coming Wednesday), I hope to have a new “rough” draft with improved structure and a more detailed advertisement analysis.



Week Six Update

Hello everyone!

I’m happy that we all have a least a rough draft of our paper completed and turned in. The hard deadline for the rough draft (and the motivation from peers) made it so that I could complete my essay in time. I took a one week break (maybe more than needed) from this essay because it’s quite difficult to look at a

I took a one week break (maybe more than needed) from this essay because it’s quite difficult to look at a 4000-word research paper you’ve been working hard on for the past couple of days before the deadline. I looked over my paper yesterday and found that I could look at it now with a critical eye. I discovered a lot of things I can improve on to hit full marks on the rubric, which are but not limited to, 1. I need to justify my decisions more clearly. 2. I should rewrite and expand on my introduction. It’s bare right now and doesn’t really convey they whole idea of my research. I realized this after reading Hailyn’s introduction. Hers does well in capturing the whole essence of her paper without losing the focus of the reader. 3. I need more analysis on my data. 4. After reading the rubric, I need to better connect the ideas of the people who I have mentioned in my literature review to the focus and aim of my research paper.

These next two weeks will be more than enough to polish my research paper.

Until next time,