Getting Somewhere, Just a little Behind

Hey there. It’s your girl Susan, back at it again with another post! Just simple updates on what’s going on on the other side of the screen. I have finally changed my research, and dang I am finally going on the road to potential success (depending on how well I actually write my paper of course). I have my intro down and my lit review and method are currently under construction. I’m hoping to finish at least one of the two by the end of the week (pssst. It’s Friday today and I need to get moving.) With the March 15th deadline approaching and me going out of town soon, I am really going to have to pick up the pace! But no worries, I’m not freaking out just yet. Otherwise, my day has been busy, I finally am finding news headlines that fit in the scope of my research, and I am actually starting to type. Now, I just need to pick up the pace and feel a little more pressure.

Side Note: Shoutout to Javier for basically making me feel stressed out about my paper since he’s like more than halfway through. Shoutout to Tiffany, Susana, and Hailyn for holding me accountable and being #relatable. And finally, shoutout to Michael for helping me find news headlines! Bro, you are truly the bomb-diggity.

Authentic Susan Hong signing out


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