Getting #Basic with this Training

Hey there. I went to a basic training workshop recently and let me tell you. I learned some pretty exciting stuff! Let’s just crashcourse what this training is about. Basically, any body that comes in through Teen Court have to go to a basic training where they learn about youth law and talk about their arrest. FUN FACT: the parents come with the teen!! There was a point where they split into two groups and the teen and respective mother were separated. They talked about the arrests and their feelings and honestly it was a pretty heartfelt conversation. So many of the mothers sympathized and understood each other and many of the teens looked like they really didn’t mean to do wrong given their family circumstance. Overall, I felt feelings and learned things haha. The more I go to these workshops, the more human I see these teens. What I mean by that is that I prosecute these teens, which means that I tend to highlight the defendant with their charge more than them as a person with a background, with a story, with a humanly raw personality. I’m not saying my goal is to dehumanize them. My goal is tone highlight that what they did was wrong even given their circumstances. That there were better choices that the defendant chose to ignore. With that said, I see a different side of these past defendants when I get to hear their story without an audience and without the intimidation from giving a testimony in trial. I really like it. It was really fun.

Authentic Susan Hong signing out


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