Hello all,

I’m sorry for being late on my updates. Week 3 and Week 4 brought unexpected changes in my plans that I am still scrambling to catch up on.

For week 3, I ended up taking on more work with a fashion brand, and have committed to going at least 3x a week. Fitting this work into my schedule helped me decide on which days I would go out to survey though, so that was good. Dealing with this change in schedule, though, was not so good. Working for around 7 hours every time I went was like going to school again.

Last Friday, I underwent surgery for my teeth that caused major swelling on the left side of my face. Needless to say, I could not speak properly for almost an entire week, smashing my plans to survey into ashes.

And…on the day I finally decided to go survey, I was met with a real world-shattering failure. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the end of the world, but I realized that street surveying was not as simple as just going up to someone and asking them to take a survey. I have always been on the more shy/quiet/reserved side, but I didn’t realize that going up to other people first would be so hard. Especially to strangers. I thought that since they’re strangers, it wouldn’t really matter, but attempting to ask couples or groups of friends who were out doing their own businesses was relatively difficult. I ended up with a grand total of ONE survey that day. Surveying for one and a half hours is also difficult. I did realize that I needed to break out of my bubble and just ask, and to not take it to heart if they reject. Easier said than done, but hopefully this week, it’ll go better for me. So please continue wishing me luck because the struggles are real.

Edit: I read Luann’s update and immediately wished that I had gotten the results that she did! It seems like her adventures of surveying went more successfully than mine. Congrats to Luann (if you’re reading), and hopefully I’ll be on the same track as you at one point or another in my project!

Thanks all,



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