Week 4: Planning

Week 4: Planning

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Hello! I decided to take a different approach from my progress last week, and use my time this week to lay out and structure my plan for writing and completing the remainder of my research paper.

Like I mentioned last week, I would like to focus on the methodology, results, and analysis sections of my paper. I’m already fairly certain on what my particular methodology is, and have already begun looking at my results and analyzing them.

I’m quite surprised at my results, actually. The general trends I can see in the graphs match my initial predictions, with the most successful songs tending to be more dance-oriented (more EDM influence, perhaps?). The qualities of the most popular songs were:

Minor Key, C or F#, less acoustic (more electronic amplification), more danceable (consistent, prominent beat patterns), more energetic, louder, more intense, more optimistic, < 4 minutes, balanced use of vocals and instrumentals, and moderate tempo.

These discoveries are actually quite closely linked with generally popular songs in other parts of the world, showing a sense of homogeneity across them. I decided to examine new songs released in 2017 to see if I could predict popular songs released this year.

The first song to come to mind is Not Today, by BTS. It does fulfill a large number of the requirements listed in my findings, but unfortunately, it’s popularity can most likely be attributed to other reasons, namely BTS’ massive fan base, both domestically and internationally.



Beyond BTS however, another group’s music caught my attention. This group, K.A.R.D., is fairly unique in being a co-ed group, but having only recently debuted, they don’t have a similar existing fanbase. Their music also fulfills many of the criteria I defined in my results, with clear influences from Western music producers.



On another note, however, my internship has been going quite well, and I recently finished up a portion of software QA/QC. I’ve gotten a pretty solid understanding of SQL, and am working on Python, JavaScript and R. It’s really quite humbling to listen to a conversation between other programmers and have virtually no idea what they are talking about.

Well, the first step to learning is figuring out what you don’t know, and hopefully, I’m beginning that process right now.


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