Part by Part, Section by Section

Hello everybody!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. So far I have my intro and method completed but I am very very close to finishing my literature review. I’ve recently gone on a scavenger hunt for sources about headlines that I didn’t have since I’ve changed my research project. I also don’t have all my data because the UofA library didn’t seem to have enough sources for me to look through. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get in touch with the USC library and have them help me out a bit. But I still did compile the data I did have for now and am half way through with my data analysis.

I know. What have you gotten done, Susan?! Your deadline is literally in 2 days!! I know. I know. Though I still have a while to go, I have a lot of my thoughts compiled and outlined and am mostly struggling to write on a deeper, more scholarly level. But since I’m crippled (I have a knee injury) and bedridden for the next few days. I basically can’t leave my bed, meaning I have my laptop and my Winnie the Pooh stuffed friend as my only companions. So, I’ll just be going ham on my paper till it’s done since I’m stuck with it anyways and it’s due too soon!

Authentic Susan signing out


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