Week Five Update

Hello all!

I am in the midst of writing my research paper. I finished transcribing and rewatching Stranger Things last week and pinpointing all of the interruptions and overlaps (these two categories are necessary components of my research). OR SO I THOUGHT. Oh no!

As I was reading more papers to get insight on how I should structure my analysis, I stumbled upon this perfect example paper that basically gave more complexity to my project, which is one thing that my paper needed to recognize and I totally glossed over it. Luckily enough, I don’t need to go back and watch eight 50 minute episodes of Stranger Things (this would take forever and I would be so burned out)Because I already transcribed all of the dialogue and areas where interruptions happened onto a separate document (God bless I decided to do this instead of the other very tempting lazy route in which I would just log one point into a data table, giving no information or context at all to look back on in hindsight), I only need to look back at my document and look for instances of interruptions and essentially recategorize them (because now there are three different definitions of interruptions).

Normally I would be looming over the extra work that I forced on myself, but I’m actually glad because this new and improved addition to my method allows research to be more complex and recognize the counterpoints that my initial, basic method was based upon. Plus, this gives me more words to add onto my word count. Yay!

I am now on a wild trek to reaching the minimum of #4kWords in approximately two days and five hours. Okay, back to research papering.



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