Week 7 Update

Hi all,

Last week I said that I was done with my rough draft… but now I have to do lots of editing (*tears). Between now and the last time, I have conferenced with Susan and Dr. Rosinbum on Tuesday, which kind of shattered my confidence in my paper. Mostly, it is because the peer-editing process revealed many problems in my paper’s overall structure. In the next few days, I hope to spend LOTS of time editing and revising my intro, making a smoother transition between the products of TV Dinners and Meal Delivery Kits and the concepts of Work-to-Family conflict and the family dinner. Nevertheless, it is all easier said than done, but hopefully, this blog will be a good way to keep me accountable. By the next update (which will be made this coming Wednesday), I hope to have a new “rough” draft with improved structure and a more detailed advertisement analysis.




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