20+ Pages of What?

Hey there!

Here’s another update for you! As you know from the last post, I finished my paper. Well, the rough draft and now I’m in the process of peer editing with the rest of my AP research squad. Small issue. I’m not quite sure if it’s just because my research is too simple for my liking, too simple in general, or if my peers just seem to have more complicated research projects than mine, but I really feel like I didn’t do enough. I honestly wish I had left school with a stronger project in mind and not have to go talk to Dr. Rosinbum about switching to a new project, halfway through the third trimester. I feel like switching has caused my research to look super easy and simple – more of like a mini project or part of a bigger project than making a bigger impact. I was hoping for something that would spark epiphany, not looking at stuff just to say that stuff is there ya feel? Maybe I’m just confusing or my desire to be complicated is unrelatable, but I really feel like I was missing something. I guess for simplicity sake, I just feel really basic. I mean there’s really nothing I can do about it now. My best bet is to really delve deep into my data analysis and see what’s there.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I am very very proud of my research. I’m very proud of the process that I took to get where I am. I’m very proud of the paper I wrote and the data I found and collected on my own.

As for the step that I am on for my research, I added few more pieces of data and currently editing and rewriting like there is no tomorrow. I’m sorry to my peer editors! I am editing on Microsoft Word and transferring those changes to Google Docs, so sorry if you don’t see changes on the doc.

Authentic Susan Hong signing out



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