Wow. Extraordinary Extrovert.

I felt the need to post about this here because the growth in the work I do is relevant to my research which is relevant to my research. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Today I went to the Youth Leadership Conference held by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to talk to aspiring teenagers/high schoolers/some Pima Community College students about the Teen Court program. It was a lot of fun to try to tell people about what Teen Court does, why it’s important to our community, and test people about the juvenile law. Fun fact: If a police officer asks you for your name, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF (many failed to know that and were super shocked haha). What shocked me most was that when I talked about the program, I would start with one or two people that approached me but I would end up with a crowd of people that kind of blocked the hallway where we were set up (sorry about that). What I think drew more and more people in is true because of the words I used. I think this because people tended to join the crowd when I was quizzing people about juvenile law. I presume that when I said words such as “crime”, “marijuana”, “alcohol”, “police officer”, “shoplifting”, “assault”, and “felony”, it perked people’s ears, got their attention, and made them want to join. I was also my normally loud self so people probably had no choice but to listen anyways. But this thought relates exactly to my research!! A lot of what I analyzed in my data led me to believe that headlines covering crime were more likely to attract readers because of their use of such emotionally charging words. But you’ll hear more about that in my presentation 😉 .

Overall, I gained a lot of confidence in speaking with people. I guess, this goes under the growth that I develop in doing my internship. Though I’ve been talking to a group of jurors for 2 years with opening and closing statements, doing things like this is new to me and always gives me an exciting rush. Though initiation is hard, once you start me, ya can’t stop me!

Authentic Susan Hong signing out


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