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Weeks 9&10: Final Paper and Presentation

Weeks 9&10: Final Paper and Presentation

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Hey there! I’m nearing the end of my project as a whole, but unfortunately, it’s not the time to relax yet!

I’ve produced additional versions of my paper, continuing the drafting process and making slight improvements during each iteration. My hope is that it’ll eventually be of the quality I desire when I reach my final draft. I’m slowly approaching that point, and need probably one or two more versions.

I’ve also begun working on preparing for my presentation, which I’ll be giving at school on Wednesday, 4/19. It’s fairly nerve-wracking, thinking of presenting my project, but I feel like the past months of work and study have made me familiar enough with the topic to create and deliver this presentation.

The first step with the presentation is to create my PowerPoint slide deck, which I have already completed. I simply used my research paper as a reference, and made several slides to sufficiently cover each of the different sections in my paper.

Afterwards, I need to plan out the actual content of my presentation – what I’ll be talking about. Again, my paper was invaluable, and I have a fairly detailed outline of the topics and information that I’ll discuss in my project.


Beyond my presentation and final paper, there has also been news concerning K.A.R.D., one of the groups I mentioned in a previous post. They released a new song, titled ‘Rumor:’


All in all, I hope to wrap up and complete my paper and presentation, and conclude this project I’ve undertaken over the last few months!

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Weeks 7&8: Editing

Weeks 7&8: Editing

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Hello! I enjoyed even more productivity in these two weeks, in terms of both my AP Research project and the additional analysis I’m performing off to the side. I finished typing a basic rough draft of my paper, involving a sufficient amount of words, and started editing and revising it.

In my revision, I started off with a simple overview of the grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary I used in my paper. It was a review of the fundamental elements of my paper, just to ensure that there were no glaring flaws in it, and to polish my word choice and paragraph organization.

The next stepped involved editing the actual content of my essay. This process was fairly difficult, but fortunately, I was able to work with a peer editor, namely Javier, in this portion. His advice and recommendations were invaluable in my revision process, and he pointed out some flaws and issues in my paper.

The first and foremost was that my paper completely lacked an introduction, and so I set out to write one that I felt was appropriate for my topic of choice. Seeing as I was nearing the word limit for my paper, I had to reduce the amount of content I had in other sections to account for this.

Afterwards, I simply had to insert additional explanations and clarifications in sections that felt too awkward or ambiguous, and use the rubric to ensure that my paper covered all of the necessary criteria.

I’ve also continued with my endeavor to analyze and categorize 2017 K-Pop songs, and I can proudly say that I am fully up to date on it! The next step is to develop and analyze it further, which I hope will not only continue the results of my AP Research project, but also build upon and extend it.

All I have left to do is finalize my paper, and prepare for my presentation. Final stretch, here we come!

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Weeks 5&6: Writing and Future Directions

Weeks 5&6: Writing and Future Directions

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Hey there! This post will detail my work over the last two weeks, as they both involved a fairly straightforward set of tasks (me sitting in front of my computer tapping away at my keyboard). I felt highly productive during this time, and managed to complete my methodology section and half of my results section. The writing I performed is still fairly rough, however, and will require further refinement to be ready for submission.

In addition to analyzing some K-Pop songs released in 2017, however, I decided that I wanted to extend my particular research beyond simply the AP project. I initially selected K-Pop as the topic of my research due to some of its characteristics, as well as my own personal interest and fascination with the topic. This fascination helped drive my own investment in the project, but it also continues beyond simply the scope of AP Research.

As such, I’ve decided to continue analyzing every K-Pop song that is released in 2017, recording their relative success as well. I wanted to expand the number of songs I look at, mainly because of the lack of time and resource constraints, meaning that I can get an even more comprehensive overview of the genre as a whole. I’ve also decided to scale the measures of popularity (MV Views, Downloads, etc.) by time, dividing each one by the number of days it’s been since release, effectively removing the different time frames as a factor.

I’ve already begun compiling the songs for January and February, and hopefully, I can catch up to the current day within the next week or two.


Data New
Spreadsheet for January Songs


Additionally, in the process of writing my paper for Research, I decided to include the entirety of my data for the readers’ reference. I added 4 separate appendices for the data, but unfortunately, they bring my total page count up to around 50 pages.

These weeks were fairly mundane overall, but next I plan on finishing up with my paper, and beginning to edit it!

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Week 10 Update (and Week 9 Make-update)

Hi everybody,

I am pleased to announce that I submitted my AP Research paper just 2 days ago! These past few months, I have spent time editing my essay in order to fulfill the rubric requirements and also correcting diction (cutting the fat as well). Tomorrow morning, I am going to present my oral defense for a mock practice, with the real thing following the day after. I cannot wait to finally get this AP Research project over with (in a good way)- a year’s worth of planning and work all culminating into 27 pages and 20 minutes. For me, It has been a wild two-and-a-half months full of minimum wage work, last minute deadline freak-outs, extensive travelling, and stressing over life decisions. Thus, I congratulate everyone on their completion of their AP Research projects and their perseverance through these tough, but uniquely exciting, times.


Eugene Wang