Working on Presentations.


I’ve spent a lot of time within the past few weeks just bunkering down and working through the large (to me) pile of surveys I distributed by hand and writing the actual essay. That process went relatively well, though I could have done more forms of analysis on that data. Nevertheless, I became very acquainted with Excel and Spreadsheets. Writing the essay itself was relatively straightforward since I already had a basic outline planned. I didn’t expect I’d spend so much time explaining background information. Also, my “results” and “analysis” portions ended up blending together into one section because they were so interlinked. The same happened to my conclusion and discussion. Because I would have just been redundant trying to separate them, I just let my thoughts flow onto the paper.

I’ve drafted an outline for my presentation, so all that’s necessary is to practice it. Hopefully that all goes well.

As a last note, having so much leisure time is potentially detrimental to both time management and work ethic. Just saying.



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