Weeks 5&6: Writing and Future Directions

Weeks 5&6: Writing and Future Directions

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Hey there! This post will detail my work over the last two weeks, as they both involved a fairly straightforward set of tasks (me sitting in front of my computer tapping away at my keyboard). I felt highly productive during this time, and managed to complete my methodology section and half of my results section. The writing I performed is still fairly rough, however, and will require further refinement to be ready for submission.

In addition to analyzing some K-Pop songs released in 2017, however, I decided that I wanted to extend my particular research beyond simply the AP project. I initially selected K-Pop as the topic of my research due to some of its characteristics, as well as my own personal interest and fascination with the topic. This fascination helped drive my own investment in the project, but it also continues beyond simply the scope of AP Research.

As such, I’ve decided to continue analyzing every K-Pop song that is released in 2017, recording their relative success as well. I wanted to expand the number of songs I look at, mainly because of the lack of time and resource constraints, meaning that I can get an even more comprehensive overview of the genre as a whole. I’ve also decided to scale the measures of popularity (MV Views, Downloads, etc.) by time, dividing each one by the number of days it’s been since release, effectively removing the different time frames as a factor.

I’ve already begun compiling the songs for January and February, and hopefully, I can catch up to the current day within the next week or two.


Data New
Spreadsheet for January Songs


Additionally, in the process of writing my paper for Research, I decided to include the entirety of my data for the readers’ reference. I added 4 separate appendices for the data, but unfortunately, they bring my total page count up to around 50 pages.

These weeks were fairly mundane overall, but next I plan on finishing up with my paper, and beginning to edit it!

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