Weeks 7&8: Editing

Weeks 7&8: Editing

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Hello! I enjoyed even more productivity in these two weeks, in terms of both my AP Research project and the additional analysis I’m performing off to the side. I finished typing a basic rough draft of my paper, involving a sufficient amount of words, and started editing and revising it.

In my revision, I started off with a simple overview of the grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary I used in my paper. It was a review of the fundamental elements of my paper, just to ensure that there were no glaring flaws in it, and to polish my word choice and paragraph organization.

The next stepped involved editing the actual content of my essay. This process was fairly difficult, but fortunately, I was able to work with a peer editor, namely Javier, in this portion. His advice and recommendations were invaluable in my revision process, and he pointed out some flaws and issues in my paper.

The first and foremost was that my paper completely lacked an introduction, and so I set out to write one that I felt was appropriate for my topic of choice. Seeing as I was nearing the word limit for my paper, I had to reduce the amount of content I had in other sections to account for this.

Afterwards, I simply had to insert additional explanations and clarifications in sections that felt too awkward or ambiguous, and use the rubric to ensure that my paper covered all of the necessary criteria.

I’ve also continued with my endeavor to analyze and categorize 2017 K-Pop songs, and I can proudly say that I am fully up to date on it! The next step is to develop and analyze it further, which I hope will not only continue the results of my AP Research project, but also build upon and extend it.

All I have left to do is finalize my paper, and prepare for my presentation. Final stretch, here we come!

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