Author: Christina H.

Sixth and Seventh Week Update

This week has been about focusing on fixing my paper and adding more analysis in the place of context.

In my internship, I learned about the events that Habitat coordinates around the city, different ones honoring volunteers and donors. This emphasizes the connection that Habitat has with Tucson and how these relationships could potentially be a spark towards social networking for the students living in Habitat homes.

I will be working on my presentation / powerpoint in the upcoming days.

-Christina H.


Fourth and Fifth Week Update

Sorry for being late.

For my fourth and fifth week at my internship, I spoke to Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) about where Habitat receives the land for their houses. I learned that Habitat receives their land mostly from the government or from donors. To be frank, the land that they receive and choose to build really comes down to affordability and convenience. Affordability would make sense to keep the prices of the homes low. I was planning to use this in my paper since some Tucson news articles speak about the rise in demand for land for housing.

I have finished my paper so far but I need to switch out a lot of the context in it for analysis. I would like to incorporate more Habitat survey questions in my paper so that’s what I will be working on for the future days.

-Christina H.

Third Week Update

At my internship, I learned a bit more about the connections that HFHT had with outside organizations (mostly non-profit). I learned that Bank of America gives HFHT a large grant to be able to help the homeowners with financial literacy and other educational classes. This is really important and significant for my project and I’m glad that it exists so I can use it as proof for my side of the argument that there IS a connection between low-income housing and education and how it IS a positive impact. I also now have a list of other affordable housing sources other than HFHT that I can use to compare and highlight Habitat’s uniqueness in my paper.

I have completed my abstract and I’m now working on finishing up my introduction. The goal for next week would be to complete my introduction and begin on either my method or lit review (tweak things and fix it from what I had before). For plans at my internship I will be looking into the grant that BOA gives to HFHT as well as other connections with academic organizations / groups. I am still struggling to organize the data, I have put that off for now and worked on everything else. That is the biggest complication I have at the moment.

– Christina

Second Week Update

For my second week at my internship, I worked in the accounting department in Habitat’s office. Although it was a lot of organizing files and scanning, I did learn that Habitat has a lot of connections with outside organizations. Rather, it heavily depends on those outside organizations for its own operations to run. This information is able to serve as evidence when I make my claim that social networking is what provides that connection / correlation between low-income housing thru HFHT and the students’ (hopefully successful, looking at the data it seems to be pointing in that direction anyways) academic outcomes.

I have started on my abstract and I figured out that there are three main points I’d like to focus on and connect with my research. Those would be…

  • Establishing Tucson as a unique location for this research to occur (poor and low quality of education)
  • Tucson’s potential for economic growth. This then leads into the point that economic growth could possibly lead to income inequality.
  • Habitat for Humanity Tucson homeowners have been shown to progress by getting higher paying jobs as well as students in the household being able to continue on with their education (and not a lot of drop outs were recorded which is good and differs from the general Tucson data of drop outs)

I will be working on my intro and the rest of the essay for the upcoming week.