Author: Javier J.


Although I don’t have a lot of time working on my research, I’ve been able to get through almost my analysis on transformational leadership. Now I need to finish my analysis on discovery learning, introduction, conclusion, and next steps!


New method!

Despite over 20 hours of work, I still managed to find time to work on my research and was able to progress quite a bit. Currently, my literature review has come to a point of completion where all I need to do is go over for grammar mistakes and if I am in need of words for my word count, can inflate it. Now my main focus in my method, after researching some studies that I want to structure mine after, I realized that a meta-analysis will not suit my needs. Phenomenology, on the other hand, will by providing a more qualitative base to my research and still provide a whole study.

Javier Jeffery – Week 1

Currently, I have 18 sources, made up of sources for my literature review, discovery learning, and transformational leadership. My next step is to begin writing my literature review, which I have about 187 words written.

Javier Jeffery – 100% Engagement

In this AP Research project, I plan on examining the viability of the University of Arizona engagement initiative, 100% Engagement, in the high school classroom. Due to time constraints, I will be focusing on two different aspects of the initiative, Discovery and Leadership, and their effect on engagement levels on high school students. By conducting a meta-analysis, I will answer a series of questions that I have gathered that I believe will answer the questions of the effectiveness of engagement.