Author: Xiexin Wang

Week 1 (sorry for being late)

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, the first week of freedom ended in me wasting a bit more time reveling in my freedom than I should have. I did less work than I was supposed to. I finished the lit review and found 10/12 meta-analysis sources that I need. In addition, I also found my statistics software, MedCalc. I plan to get back on schedule next week, by finding the rest of my sources and figuring out the weighting and starting to read the sources.

Again, sorry for being late with this blog post.



Levi’s AP Research Project

Hi, this is Levi. My AP Research Project is a meta-analysis of current and currently under research drugs for Alzheimer’s disease to discover which is the most ideal. I hope to find which drug is most ideal for each situation, considering current FDA-approved drugs and new drugs that are undergoing trial runs.