Author: Susana Mar

Week 3: Edit, Write, Edit

Hello again! Happy March everyone!

Let’s get right to it:

I have uploaded two vlogs on each channel last week, so that means that as of now, I have uploaded 6 vlogs on each channel. As expected, the channel with the model is doing significantly better than the control channel so yay for my correct hypothesis!

I have completed my abstract and am still working on my introduction, literature review, and method. If I really really push, I should be able to finish these sections soon! No promises though; given my history of procrastination, I do not want to give anyone (me) false hope. On a more serious note, I really think I can finish everything on time if I just manage my time. WE ONLY HAVE 14 DAYS TO FINISH, but given that this upcoming weekend is my birthday AND I have a huge piano recital at Centennial Hall all day on Saturday, I doubt I am going to get much done over the weekend.

Anyways, good luck to all my fellow research students/comrades. We are almost at the end(ish) so keep it up!



Week 2: Writing, Editing, and Procrastinating

Hey guys! Your favorite vlogger/blogger is here!

Remember last week when I hoped that I would be productive this week? LOLOL. So do I, yet despite the fact that I wrote that to help keep myself accountable and busy, it seemed to have the opposite effect. This fact completely bums and stresses me out, which leads to more procrastination. It’s an endless cycle of satisfying the instant gratification monkey living within me, feeling guilty, and realizing that I need to get it together. Easier said than done.

So let me give you guys an update of what I have done (this is a very short list so bear (bare? idk man I was going to look it up when I realized that was me low-key procrastinating this blog update) with me):

I have edited and uploaded one vlog on each channel. Yay, but I should have done more. I am working on my paper. Yay, but I am not where I need/want to be. I’m currently working on my abstract (DUE IN T-2 DAYS), method, and literature review. My goal is to finish at least two of these sections by the end of the week. As I progress through this paper, I am beginning to really feel the time crunch (OUR PAPER IS DUE IN 23 DAYS!!!!!). So yay because maybe this will help me get out of this funk, BUT our paper is due in 23 days. I just can’t win. Pray for me.



Week 1: Models, Vlogs, and Editing! Oh my!

Hello again, my faithful readers!

This first week of no school has been pretty productive (HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT ON MY END). Not only have I mastered iMovie and the world of editing, I have been able to finish my model and upload three vlogs (the fourth one will hopefully be up later today)! I have decided to upload a video every 2-3 days. I have also decided to adjust my methods. Let me explain:

Instead of just having one channel that has the model applied to it in hopes that it will garner 100+ views, I realized that I should also have a control group. To do this, I made another channel. For both YouTube channels, I will upload the same vlog so the content will remain the same in both channels, but how I edit the vlogs will be different. The control videos will not have any special effects, music, or other things listed in my model; the videos will only be stitched together loosely and then uploaded. By having two channels to compare, I am hoping that this will make my model more reliable and make it easier to recognize the difference between a channel that doesn’t use the model versus one that does. So far,  the channel with the model is doing better.

This upcoming week, I plan to start writing my literature review, methods, and introduction. Let’s hope week 2 will be as productive if not more than week 1.



Intro to my Blog!

Hello my readers! My name is Susana Mar, and I am a senior at BASIS Tucson North (woohoo class of 2017)! My research topic is on YouTube, and I basically want to know what makes certain video bloggers (vloggers) go viral and how they are able to garner as many views as they do. Specifically, my first question is whether or not there are common trends among famous, highly viewed American vloggers’ YouTube channels that are enabling/pushing their “success” in terms of their popularity (based on #views). My second question is whether or not following that defined model, constituted from the common trends I observed, could in fact create a “successful” (100+ views per video) YouTube channel. In order to test my model, I will create my own YouTube channel and channel my inner YouTube vlogger for the next couple of months.