Author: Tiffany P.

Week Six Update

Hello everyone!

I’m happy that we all have a least a rough draft of our paper completed and turned in. The hard deadline for the rough draft (and the motivation from peers) made it so that I could complete my essay in time. I took a one week break (maybe more than needed) from this essay because it’s quite difficult to look at a

I took a one week break (maybe more than needed) from this essay because it’s quite difficult to look at a 4000-word research paper you’ve been working hard on for the past couple of days before the deadline. I looked over my paper yesterday and found that I could look at it now with a critical eye. I discovered a lot of things I can improve on to hit full marks on the rubric, which are but not limited to, 1. I need to justify my decisions more clearly. 2. I should rewrite and expand on my introduction. It’s bare right now and doesn’t really convey they whole idea of my research. I realized this after reading Hailyn’s introduction. Hers does well in capturing the whole essence of her paper without losing the focus of the reader. 3. I need more analysis on my data. 4. After reading the rubric, I need to better connect the ideas of the people who I have mentioned in my literature review to the focus and aim of my research paper.

These next two weeks will be more than enough to polish my research paper.

Until next time,



Week Five Update

Hello all!

I am in the midst of writing my research paper. I finished transcribing and rewatching Stranger Things last week and pinpointing all of the interruptions and overlaps (these two categories are necessary components of my research). OR SO I THOUGHT. Oh no!

As I was reading more papers to get insight on how I should structure my analysis, I stumbled upon this perfect example paper that basically gave more complexity to my project, which is one thing that my paper needed to recognize and I totally glossed over it. Luckily enough, I don’t need to go back and watch eight 50 minute episodes of Stranger Things (this would take forever and I would be so burned out)Because I already transcribed all of the dialogue and areas where interruptions happened onto a separate document (God bless I decided to do this instead of the other very tempting lazy route in which I would just log one point into a data table, giving no information or context at all to look back on in hindsight), I only need to look back at my document and look for instances of interruptions and essentially recategorize them (because now there are three different definitions of interruptions).

Normally I would be looming over the extra work that I forced on myself, but I’m actually glad because this new and improved addition to my method allows research to be more complex and recognize the counterpoints that my initial, basic method was based upon. Plus, this gives me more words to add onto my word count. Yay!

I am now on a wild trek to reaching the minimum of #4kWords in approximately two days and five hours. Okay, back to research papering.


Week Four Update

Hello all!

This week has been quite productive. I finally started my method! And what’s even better is that I am almost done! What does that mean? Well, it means that I can start my method and data analysis write up. To be honest, I was dreading rewatching Stranger Things because the initial reason why I chose this show as a base for my research paper is because I was super into the show at the time (around August-September-ish). But, once I actually started watching, I was quickly reminded of why I fell in love with the show: great characterization, story, use of camera, combination of different story lines, etc. This is something that Riverdale, a currently airing teenage mystery/romance/comedy/drama/whatever/literally every story plot line thrown together, fails to do (only Cole Sprouse can save the show at this rate). Also, another thing that I noticed while rewatching is that I have a clearer idea of what I need to look out for in my data collection and don’t need to pay attention to the unnecessary details.


Week Three Update

Hello everyone,

I actually felt super productive this week and confident in my research!  As my last post informed, I said that I was trying to figure out my method before I could begin to implement it. Within the past week, I gathered a lot of sources that solely pertained to my method and other sources that used the turn-taking method as part of their research. The latter helped me understand the details of my method, while the sources on methodology helped me understand all of the funky symbols they used. So, I can confidently begin my research now! (I actually have started, but that is for week four’s update post).