Weeks 9&10: Final Paper and Presentation

Weeks 9&10: Final Paper and Presentation

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Hey there! I’m nearing the end of my project as a whole, but unfortunately, it’s not the time to relax yet!

I’ve produced additional versions of my paper, continuing the drafting process and making slight improvements during each iteration. My hope is that it’ll eventually be of the quality I desire when I reach my final draft. I’m slowly approaching that point, and need probably one or two more versions.

I’ve also begun working on preparing for my presentation, which I’ll be giving at school on Wednesday, 4/19. It’s fairly nerve-wracking, thinking of presenting my project, but I feel like the past months of work and study have made me familiar enough with the topic to create and deliver this presentation.

The first step with the presentation is to create my PowerPoint slide deck, which I have already completed. I simply used my research paper as a reference, and made several slides to sufficiently cover each of the different sections in my paper.

Afterwards, I need to plan out the actual content of my presentation – what I’ll be talking about. Again, my paper was invaluable, and I have a fairly detailed outline of the topics and information that I’ll discuss in my project.


Beyond my presentation and final paper, there has also been news concerning K.A.R.D., one of the groups I mentioned in a previous post. They released a new song, titled ‘Rumor:’


All in all, I hope to wrap up and complete my paper and presentation, and conclude this project I’ve undertaken over the last few months!

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