Author: Rafael Jeffery

Week 4: What the Heck Does My Data Mean

Having finished collecting surveys, I am left with a very large excel document with over 1800 data points in total in addition to qualitative answers. I have complied the answers to the Moral Foundation Questionnaire and made two graphs and a chart with my data on it that will be presented in my paper. Now the next questions I need to answer:

-What does my data mean?
-What are “normal” data points for each level of chaos?
-What data went wrong?
-What limitations did I work with?
-How and why is my outcome different from my prediction? Is this alright or not? Why?
-Possible sources of error

This road map will then lead to my next destinations of analysis of my data and conclusion. All with 2 and a half weeks before my rough draft is due.

-Rafael Jeffery


Week 3: Climbing the Data Mountain

I have finished my rough first steps in the journey of AP Research. Having gone through the treacherous raven of my introduction and literature review, I emerged victorious only to fall into a pit fall. Surrounded by the seekers of information, I reluctantly gave up my research question. I earned their trust and became one of them. The seekers then faced their enemies, the yearners of information. Being a impartial outsider, I was called to resolve them. In the treaty, I wrote down my method. Let the participants take one survey, I said. I continued by adding a proposition that everyone’s answers would analyzed using the Moral Foundation Questionnaire’s formula. After three weeks of sending out surveys, I sent out to tackle the Data Mountain. Armed with the MFQ formula and my knowledge of my method, I sought to reach the peak, the point where I can see the promised land of conclusion. Today, I have started trekking the summit of the mountain. I will post next week from the Starbucks at the very top.

The Start of Week 2


It’s the start of week 2. I have been putting at least an hour a day into working. So far, so good. I have achieved around 60% of the surveys I set myself to get, around 20 surveys in each 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. I have put in 1300 words and have am almost done with my introduction/lit review. I have found out that Starbucks is a great place to do work because of the free wifi and the pressure that I have to do work.

For the next week, I plan to finish up my lit review and start on writing my method and its rationalization.

First Post – Rafael Jeffery

Hello! My name is Rafael Jeffery, an AP Research student. My research is called To Kill Or Not To Kill: Moral Foundation Theory and Moral Dilemmas in Video Games.

Video games are a new form of media that has the ability to convey moral dilemmas. However, video games, instead of presenting a moral dilemma, gives the player that ability to act in a moral dilemma. I will be looking at how can peoples’ decisions in moral dilemmas presented in video games can be predicted using the Moral Foundation Theory. I will be using the Moral Foundation Question in order to categorize how different people make decisions and compare it to the actions made in a video game. The results of my research will be used as evidence to my assumption that peoples’ morals are the same in real life and in video games.